How it Works

1. Tell us what it’s like to be you

Report on your life with psoriatic disease

Hit the “Get Started” button to create an account, then answer a set of questions about your condition. Your age, gender, severity, treatments, related health problems, and so on. (Anonymously, of course.) Your responses will be added to those of thousands of participants in our Citizen Pscientist database.

2. Mix and match the data

Analyze participant data

Next, explore our interactive Citizen Pscientist dashboard. Got a theory about psoriasis? Want to know how your responses compare to other Pscientists? Just plug in factors such as gender, age and lifestyle habits to create customized charts.

3. Give our researchers something to dive into

Impact the direction of research In addition to charts, you can post your thoughts, opinions, and hypotheses about what you see in the data. The community can break down and reassemble the numbers, talk to each other, ask questions and submit ideas.

Who knows? You might spark some high-impact science!

Citizen Pscientist

\'si-t∃-z∃n 'sĬ-∃n-tist\ n

  1. A volunteer who partners with the National Psoriasis Foundation to answer real-world questions about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
  2. You